Who We Are

Meet the Wannabes:

Amanda (Mrs. Wannabe): I am a 31 year old wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I am a cloth diapering, recycling, wine drinking, cheese loving, volunteering, gardening, semi crunchy (but sometimes stale) granola wannabe who believes in Jesus and worships God, but doesn't get to church near enough. I am a self employed massage therapist and owner of Renewed Vitality Mobile Massage and Reflexology , and am also the "pawfect baker" and owner of the Simply Pawfect Pet Bakery, which I run out of my home. I am a bit OCD. Just a bit. Let's see....I am a writer. For myself, www.fortdodgepress.com, and you! I am in love with music. In. Love. Particularly with Damien Rice, Florence and the Machine, Jewel, Dave Matthews, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, and Jack White (both his work with past bands and his solo career). There are days though when nothing is better than 80s monster ballads. And others when putting a CCR record on the turntable is pure bliss. I love, love, love to cook, baking even more so....though I love to feed people even more than I love to eat. I believe that food tastes better if you sing while you make it. Even better if you drink a glass of wine AND sing while you cook. I live in the Midwest, though I would move to Europe in a heartbeat if given the opportunity, for so many reasons. Everything I do is for my children, whom I absolutely adore.....90% of the time. Okay, make that 80. Really though, I do love them, and they are the BEST thing I have ever made from scratch. Just don't ask for the recipe, that one is top secret. *smile* My favorite place is home, and my best friend is.....

Jon (Mr. Wannabe): My husband, who has put up with me for the last 3 years. Not a long time, but if you consider all the baggage that came with being married to me, he's a pretty brave and determined man. Or maybe he is just crazy. Hmmmm. Either way, I am crazy about him. Even on the days when endless chores, errands, and kid related activities make it hard to show it. Especially those days. He is my rock, my phone finder, my reminder to breathe, my cheerleader....my partner. Oh, and he is also a wannabe. A DIY wannabe who's 40 hour work week and endless honey do list has kept my kitchen half finished for far too long, and my bathroom torn apart for months. Someday is his favorite word. But he loves me and I love him, and someday we'll get it all accomplished. Someday. Which is the point of this blog.

Bryant: My 14 year old wannabe adult (who recently received his driver's permit. YIKES!). He is full of sarcasm, attitude, and loves to twist words. But he makes me laugh, and gives the best hugs. Yes, still. I hope turning 15 doesn't put a stop to that.

Landon: My 11 year old smarty pants. Literally. He keeps me on my toes, makes me think, and never fails to make me smile no matter how bad my day may have been. I am pretty sure he will invent something amazing and see me into retirement.

Paige: My 9 year old wannabe diva. Beautiful, dramatic, and at times flighty, she is a modified, newer version of me. That's scary.

Jorja: My 6 year old stepdaughter who is a wannabe queen. No princesses for this girl, she is a QUEEN gosh darn it.

Jillian: My 4 year old stepson. Oops, I mean stepdaughter. This girl is a BRUTE! She's tough, spirited, and far from the "runt of the litter." She can dish it out AND take it. My kinda girl.

Rowan: Our baby. The only one in this house biologically connected to everyone else. He will be 2 this summer, and is by far the most mild mannered, laid back, and happiest toddler I have ever met. I had my doubts and fears about starting over, but I honestly couldn't have gotten luckier!

Bear: Our submissive, scaredy cat Boxer. Love him.

Bruno: A stray rat terrier mix that adopted us this past winter. He came to us with a nasty mouth that cost us the "good stuff" while grocery shopping for....oh, the next 3 months? Probably why he was abandoned to begin with. Good as new now!

Lucky: A stray we rescued as a kitten from our old dog Rusty's mouth. Hence the name Lucky. A gypsy at heart, he doesn't stay long. Eat, sleep, roam the streets, repeat. He is getting fixed SOON though (as soon as I convince my hubby that he is OURS, and no longer just a stray we feed), so I'm sure that will change!

Lucie: An often times ignored guinea pig.

Insert the next animal to adopt us. I vote for chickens! (Actually, that's on my to do list).

And.......that's it.

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