Who We Wannabe

A few months ago, I mentioned to a client that I cloth diaper my son. She says, "Oh, you are one of those granola moms." I took that as a compliment, which was followed by a teeny tiny bit of guilt. I'm really not a granola mom, but I wannabe! I have these grand visions of colorful, bountiful gardens, a few chickens running around the yard, linens drying in the breeze. Instead I have a garden full of weeds (and a few good tomatoes, onions, and potatoes), 2 dogs and 3 times as many children running around my yard, and more laundry to do than my line can keep up with.  I have canning supplies that stare at me every day as I walk past them, begging to be filled with sauces, pickles, and jellies (I did finally make some pickles!). As a family, we have made huge changes in how and what we eat, though there is still room for improvement. I am very proud of the fact that I haven't bought gummy fruit snacks, white bread or Hot Pockets in almost 4 years.....but I still eat popcorn almost nightly (sshhhh!), and rely on Jacks for supper more often that I care to admit . We switched to cloth diapers with our last baby, but I still use too many paper towels. Even with the best of intentions, some days I feel more stale than crunchy. But I am 100% ok with that! We continue to work toward spiritual growth, self sufficiency, and environmental responsibility, but it is a constant work in progress! We long for a made from scratch lifestyle in a ready made world, and we do the best we can with what we have. This is a record of our journey, from who we were and who we are, to who we wannabe. Here you will find a wide variety of all things fun, creative, green, and delicious. This will really be a hodgepodge of a blog. Some days I may post my foodie wannabe creations, my DIY wannabe projects, and my homesteader wannabe attempts at things like gardens, compost piles and canning. Others I may post about my granola wannabe cloth diapering and household cleaner making experiences. Or my rants about how I long to be a minimalist, but life just won't let me. I may post about nutrition, health, and wellness. If you are lucky, I may even post some insight into my most beloved roles of wife and mother, where I am most definitely not a wannabe.

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