Friday, October 12, 2012

Laundry Is So Overrated

Have you ever taken a good, hard look at your life? I mean really look, critically. That has been me this week. It seems as if daily chores and kids have taken over my life. Yes, I know that's normal when you are a parent, especially when you are a parent to many. Every day is the same thing. Clean. Cook. Bathe. Homework. Sleep. Repeat.
Where is the fun? How do you juggle all that needs to be done on a daily basis, the basics, and still have time and energy left for anything extra? For everything extra that I do on any given day, whether it is a craft, or baking bars, or reading a book, or outdoor chores, there is always something else that has to sacrifice it's usual time slot. Sometimes it's laundry (ok, most of the time it's laundry). Sometimes it's meals that require more than just turning on the oven. Sometimes it's sleep. Either way, nothing comes free.

I used to think it was all about time management. Now I'm not so sure. I'm actually really great at managing my time. I have 5 full time kiddos, 3 of which I consider to be the "littles" (ages 7 and under). Then they turn 8 and it's like a magical transformation from "Mom, tell me what you need me to do" to "I know how to do it, Mom." They are now considered to be my "biggers," my slightly more independent children. Most days, I have 2 of those. Every other weekend, I gain 2 more littles, and another bigger. Monday through Friday though, here is our typical after school routine: I somehow manage to squeeze into 4 hours snack time, homework, free time, chores, supper, baths, and bedtime. Oh, and The Voice and Grey's Anatomy. Sort of (does out of the corner of my eye count? Oh never mind, I forgot about the eyes in the back of my head!). The littles go to bed at 8:00, almost always on time, followed by the biggers at 8:30 and 9:00. Then it's clean up, and maybe, if I'm lucky, couch time with the hubby that always leads to me staying up later than I planned. And those are days that we don't have dance, staff meetings, or evening massage appointments. So really, the problem isn't time management, but priority  management. That's really what keeps me at a wannabe level: not lack of time, but the desire to change how I spend it.

So that is part of what I want to accomplish on my journey with you. To get rid of the things in my life that don't truly fulfill me, make me happy, or contribute to the life that Mr. Wannabe and I want for ourselves and our family, and make room for the things we do. Also to streamline and organize my home, since clutter makes me anxious (are you sensing a little of my OCD here). I know I can't get rid of daily chores, and living in a messy home is not my thing (trust me, what I can't keep up with here drives me i.n.s.a.n.e.). But I can try to create a system that allows most things to get done during the week, so that weekends are more for family time. And projects. And baking. And projects. And naps. Oh, and did I mention projects?

Speaking of making time for the good stuff, stay tuned as I delve into my very first attempt at making homemade caramels. My very first attempt at anything requiring a candy thermometer for that matter. My Pinterest loving self found a recipe for Apple Cider Caramels that make a cavity look worth it. I think that may be on my to do list for this weekend. Instead of laundry. Besides, laundry is so overrated. These caramels from Our Best Bites though? I think not.

Happy Friday!
Mrs. Wannabe 

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