Friday, October 19, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

My husband and I bought our home a little over 2 years ago, knowing it would take years of work to get it to where we want it to be. It's an old house, built in 1910. Nothing fancy, just an old house with a little charm and character. But it had enough bedrooms, a huge beautiful fenced in yard, an established fenced in garden, and a super low small town Iowa price. Super low as in 3 more years it will be bought and paid for, while our friends are all still whittling away on their 30 year mortgages.

Our Home
You get what you pay for though.
This house is a constant work in progress. When we first moved in, the kitchen had wood paneling on the lower half of the walls, and pea green and rust orange floral paneling on the top half. It still has a linoleum counter top and back splash. Every other room on the first floor was covered in layer, upon layer, upon layer of wallpaper, each layer representing a different decade. The bathroom walls were covered in I don't even know what. And the carpet? The rooms range from beige, to rust orange, to multi-toned green shag. So needless to say, we made quick fixes to make the house a little easier to look at, and are still working on things that will come with time. But what is bothering me the most lately isn't the walls, or the rust colored carpet. It's the lack of storage, and the CLUTTER that goes with it. I hate piles of stuff. Hate it. Yet nothing in this house seems to really have a place. Then there's the ugly beasts we have that disguise themselves as furniture. 4 particular pieces, 2 of which won't survive the weekend.

 Small, boxy rooms with big, boxy furniture does not work. Like this desk.

It is a clutter magnet. Made for a desktop computer that we no longer have, it just sits there, collecting junk. And dust. The bottom drawer broke weeks ago and no one has even bothered to fix it. This thing has GOT TO GO! It's me or the desk. Seriously. So this weekend, maybe today even, this baby is coming apart. And in it's place will be....a surprise!

Then there's this ugly cupboard thing that came with my husband. This provides much needed storage space in my tiny little kitchen, yet still manages to collect clutter in that little cubby up there.  And the peeling laminate that my stepdaughter had to help along? Let's not go there.

Now I realize that I can't afford to lose the little bit of storage it gives me. Yet I also long for seating and extra work space as well. I would LOVE for my daughter to have a place to sit and talk to me while I do dishes, or for kids to do homework while I make supper. Not to mention when I get to making dog biscuits for large events, the functionality of my kitchen is non existent. So out the door this will go as well, and in it's place is another surprise! It will be on a smaller scale than the cupboard it's replacing, and will provide me with storage, counter space, and seating. Genius! Hint: It involves a vintage dresser that is out in my garage, a concrete counter top, and a couple of smaller stools. Oh, and some open wall shelving above. Can't wait for this one!!!!

I'll save the next 2 "must go" pieces of furniture for another day. One (or two) steps at a time!

Organization and cleanliness go hand in hand with my mood. When my house is peaceful, I am peaceful. Getting rid of these 2 eyesores and replacing them with something both beautiful and functional will make a big difference to me. Do any of you feel that way, that your environment affects your mood? 

Finished products coming soon, along with Mr. Wannabe and I's attempt at homemade granola bars this weekend! Until next time!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. Wannabe

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